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Last Updated: 11th March 2009

It will have such fun things as 3D Links, JAVA links & Programs and just about anything else i can find.

The new Visual AD&D v3.5 d20 Combat System - VCS.
If you DM with a laptop, you can have dual monitors, one showing the DM map and the other the player's. You're able to 'hide' things and the players will only see what's in range or what they've seen before.
Last updated: 6th Mar 2009

Windows Program

VCS Source Code

A screen shot

SRD monsters - melee attack parser revamp 22/01/09

minor screen layout changes 22/01/09

set monsters as not on the map (in group area & enable/disable) 05/02/09

turn the treasure display text areas into ones that can copy/paste 17/02/09

added a monster mass heal section in the Other tab 25/02/09

added heal all players by X in the Qk Heal section 25/02/09

change system data file to use ID's 06/03/09

change the map grid X/Y to be a-Z, then Aa-Z and so on 06/03/09

AD&D v3.5 (d20) Combat Program (ADMP) v1.13 (Last Updated: 23 July 2007) -- NOTE: this is now defunct, use the above VCS program

Windows Program

Source Code

A Screen Shot

Linux Program (Mandriva 10.1)

Stephen's SRD Document

MERP Combat Program (MEKS) for Linux & Windows (Last Updated: 27 Jul 2005)

Windows Version

x86 Data

iPaq Program Package

iPaq Data

Screen Shots

Source Code

JAVA Tools & Programs

3 Tiered Database Server for ORACLE NT

Misc Java Programs (Forms, JTable etc etc)

Room Booking System using the above server

Java INI File Programs

A Help Desk System using the above server

Java Grid Layout

SQLs for the above server

Java Key Press Searcher

Java Hierarchy/Tree Editor

Java RPG Dice Reader

Adventures & Documents for MERP

Various Documents in Word 6 Format

  Mages Castle Adventure

  Calimendil Adventure #1

  Calimendil Adventure #2

  Calimendil Adventure #3


RolePlaying Programs etc for ICE(tm) RoleMaster and MERP

RoleMaster Combat Program

MERP Combat Program (5/5/2000)

A JAVA MERP Combat Program (Last Updated: 17th Sept1999)

Screen Dumps


The Following is a Beta Release of a JAVA Combat Program (Last Updated: 13th May 1998)



Screen Dumps

Source Code

Misc Programs

IPTables Timeout Daemon
AWK Xmas Present Generator (random)
Trims Pre/Post Blanks from ALL fields within a file

iPaq & Linux Programs
An FLTK Set Date Pgm
An AD&D Character Display Pgm
A System Administration Pgm
A File/Directory Browser Pgm
A Basic Calculator Pgm
A Notes/Thoughts Pgm (tree display)
MuPO (NB: save as mupo.ipk)

Windows Programs (29th Nov 2001)
MERP Combat Program
AD&D Character Program
MS-DOS Character Generation

Perl Programs (24th May 2000)
Clustered System Monitoring Program
Run Programs via TELNET
Scheduling System (incomplete)
Misc. Admin Programs
Date Maths

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